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The Other Pair..

Once upon a time there was a young child walking toward a train station where he usually plays, he was disappointed that while being rushed roads in the crowd, flip-flops suddenly dropped out. When he was about to fix ropes on his sandals, he bowed his body to grab the slippers, but instead of goods there pocket his fall, feelings of disappointment grew when all hands full with items he was holding and not enough to achieve flops sandals. He then pulled out of crowd to find a place that can fix flip flops.

He tried repeatedly to enter tattered rope flip-flops, but easy to take back and not allow it to be used again. Until finally he was desperate and at once she tried to pull the attention of flip-flops to gaze around. Unexpectedly direct his gaze fixed on a pair of tiny shoes in size with his feet and he was struck with the beauty, cleanliness and suitability in use by a child her age. Own shoe beautiful it can not allow the slightest dirt landed on his shoe, a piece of tissue removed to wipe the dust off. He followed kept where it stepped on beautiful shoes, for a moment he compares with tattered sandals. New shoes were so shiny and beautiful up stunned and he imagined if he could wear it. However it was only his ideals about Other Pair of Shoes inspiration.

Then a moment she faraway and little dreamy, returned his gaze focused on a pair of beautiful shoes. A moment later the train has arrived and it's time the owner of a beautiful shoe that entered the train with his father. Many of the passengers were crammed into the train. The father called him: "Come on ride the train will soon be walking." Son immediately after his father broke the queue other passengers until finally one of the shoes came off and could not take it.

The incident continued to observe him until finally crossed in his mind to take it. She thought, how sad that child when it comes to losing one of his favorite shoes, without a second thought he take action immediately to give it to the owner. He chases a train that had just walked, the more he ran the train was also increasingly moving rapidly, up gasping for breath, too tried to catch but are not able to grab his hand and finally he threw the shoes were hoping to get to its owner. But the boys really disappointed, because it can not reach the shoes and fell beside the train. The owners aware that there is no point in him holding one of his shoes if you do not have a pair. The owners think smart, and immediately threw a shoe which he held to the shoe to drop it. The hope he can give a pair of shoes to the boy who tried to help.

This story was so moving, how sincere he tried to give the object that was not hers. And one side so sincerely the owner of the shoes give one shoe carries, because he thinks the pair can be useful and he was sure it would get better substitute to give.

And for the owner flip-flops instead of shoes gets beautifully without him would have thought he could have it. Wonders give according to ability at the right people and at the right time.

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