How to make our article or blog indexed faster by google?

Here I want to share the easy way in how to make our website indexed faster by google. Firstly you have to make an article isn't it? obviously we need to have an good article with the good title as well, please follow this easily step to make a good article :
1. Your article must be original from your mind or your friends :).

2. Make sure you have minimum 3 paragraph inside it.
3. Just let it flow you are write your story by naturally then decided the title on the last after you finish.
4. Create the 3 words that telling the keywords of your article .
5. The last you have to submit the link of your article into google webmaster as below link:

Honestly this way is already explain by the google, but maybe as we are human always forget small thing but important. That's all how to make our article indexed fast by google. Cheers good luck in a minutes... :)