How to make our article or blog indexed faster by google?

How to make our article or blog indexed faster by google?

Here I want to share the easy way in how to make our website indexed faster by google. Firstly you have to make an article isn't it? obviously we need to have an good article with the good title as well, please follow this easily step to make a good article :
1. Your article must be original from your mind or your friends :).

2. Make sure you have minimum 3 paragraph inside it.
3. Just let it flow you are write your story by naturally then decided the title on the last after you finish.
4. Create the 3 words that telling the keywords of your article .
5. The last you have to submit the link of your article into google webmaster as below link:

Honestly this way is already explain by the google, but maybe as we are human always forget small thing but important. That's all how to make our article indexed fast by google. Cheers good luck in a minutes... :)

Other Pair of Shoes inspiration

Article motivation of life
The Other Pair..

Once upon a time there was a young child walking toward a train station where he usually plays, he was disappointed that while being rushed roads in the crowd, flip-flops suddenly dropped out. When he was about to fix ropes on his sandals, he bowed his body to grab the slippers, but instead of goods there pocket his fall, feelings of disappointment grew when all hands full with items he was holding and not enough to achieve flops sandals. He then pulled out of crowd to find a place that can fix flip flops.

He tried repeatedly to enter tattered rope flip-flops, but easy to take back and not allow it to be used again. Until finally he was desperate and at once she tried to pull the attention of flip-flops to gaze around. Unexpectedly direct his gaze fixed on a pair of tiny shoes in size with his feet and he was struck with the beauty, cleanliness and suitability in use by a child her age. Own shoe beautiful it can not allow the slightest dirt landed on his shoe, a piece of tissue removed to wipe the dust off. He followed kept where it stepped on beautiful shoes, for a moment he compares with tattered sandals. New shoes were so shiny and beautiful up stunned and he imagined if he could wear it. However it was only his ideals about Other Pair of Shoes inspiration.

Then a moment she faraway and little dreamy, returned his gaze focused on a pair of beautiful shoes. A moment later the train has arrived and it's time the owner of a beautiful shoe that entered the train with his father. Many of the passengers were crammed into the train. The father called him: "Come on ride the train will soon be walking." Son immediately after his father broke the queue other passengers until finally one of the shoes came off and could not take it.

The incident continued to observe him until finally crossed in his mind to take it. She thought, how sad that child when it comes to losing one of his favorite shoes, without a second thought he take action immediately to give it to the owner. He chases a train that had just walked, the more he ran the train was also increasingly moving rapidly, up gasping for breath, too tried to catch but are not able to grab his hand and finally he threw the shoes were hoping to get to its owner. But the boys really disappointed, because it can not reach the shoes and fell beside the train. The owners aware that there is no point in him holding one of his shoes if you do not have a pair. The owners think smart, and immediately threw a shoe which he held to the shoe to drop it. The hope he can give a pair of shoes to the boy who tried to help.

This story was so moving, how sincere he tried to give the object that was not hers. And one side so sincerely the owner of the shoes give one shoe carries, because he thinks the pair can be useful and he was sure it would get better substitute to give.

And for the owner flip-flops instead of shoes gets beautifully without him would have thought he could have it. Wonders give according to ability at the right people and at the right time.

Check out the video below its short duration ...

Tribute to Team Sapuangin

Article motivation of life
Tribute to Team Sapuangin ITS XI:
Rise up against the impossibility

Never have I felt proud and passionate that this powerful. Just a few days off, I received a report about the burning car Sapuangin XI who had just arrived in London for follow Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) The World Drivers Championship for the first time was held to bring together the champions race fuel-efficient cars in the entire world in English.

In this case the team Sapuangun ITS status as champion of Asia Pacific, so come there not just to represent Indonesia. How despondent feelings ITS student teams who arrived at the site of the race faced with the fact that the car race pride they have been burnt to ashes in almost all parts. Some members of the team could not help crying instantly, some just stared in disbelief, how the shadow ideals a step, taken since the Surabaya wiped away. As if there is a great power that took our nation's expectations to prevail. O Allah, let alone trials they face in a state of fasting is not less than 19 hours in the UK there.

News from committee, burnt out cars were still in container should not be demolished because it is still in under investigation. Only approval from the Fire department shall provide clearance whether the car can be removed or not. Not finished until there, the race committee had already established that the ITS team can not participate in the competition because of the severe damage suffered. It will cease all dreams had already in eyelid for this fight and practiced so long to get to be in a very prestigious.

Almost all members of the team experienced a down facing of the disaster. I wonder what the cause, why the vehicle that has been so carefully packed her heart may burn, but sent the race car to LN's already a common thing. Even last time when to send it to and from Manila, Philiphine, while following the race SEM Asia Pacific region, as well as all goes well their.

While as if all hope was erased, the members of the team tried to get up to be able to do something so that they must not only be a spectator in the country, saw her friends from other universities, representatives of European and American racing. Some members of the team total of 8 people trying to rebuild hope, let alone Mr.Wi lecturer preceptor accompanying them continue to give encouragement not to give up. The fact then is that in fact Mr. Wi already informed the committee that ITS is final not allowed to follow the race on the grounds of his car was broken and could not be repaired anymore.

Begin Tim was trying to approach and communicate with various parties, including the Ecoshell officials in Indonesia and Asia. So far they are very supportive to give opportunity to the team to be able to rebuild the race car in 2 days left! Crazy idea, but whatever comments people, unable to stem the fighting spirit Arek-Arek ITS is in fighting spirit inherited blood Heroes Ten November!
But the problem is committee SEM Europe as the organizer does not allow ITS team to unload the crates and get his car. Moreover, they are not sure of the safety of materials used previously burned, because suspected to contain B3 so feared would endanger. Only inspection of the official authorities are going to be able to provide justification if the crate can be dismantled and the car can be removed or not.
Because there are very strict regulations, would not want team members to be patient to wait. But what amazed is the spirit of those who never give up. Instead of sitting still, they began to make a new car design, construction and start from scratch by buying some new components improvise and use equipment that is too modest. Really handy craft that's Mr.Wi commented.

Their hope, if they have permission to unload the car on fire, they can still take advantage of the engine and the rear of the vehicle that was almost intact except charred wiring system. Begin working team in the middle of the air is relatively still cold, and continue to work no less than 17 hours. Their concentration, forgetting that they were fasting, and even then they were 'forced' to stop at 23 night because the paddock is already turned off the lights and of course they may not work in the dark.

The team was forced to rest while continuing to discuss and think about how to replace the parts that are thought to have perished, including the tires melted entirely. The presence of a car in the paddock back number given by the committee ITS team is 902 (meaning seeded / seeded no. 2) to make their dream of contesting added buoyant even at any cost they have to face.

Mr. Wi as preceptor continue to try to lobby there here including contact ITS ask for assistance contact the Embassy in London to be as convinced committee that ITS was permitted to take most of the equipment remaining "Sapuangin" car and be allowed to join the qualifying race participants back. There are no positive repons heck of Embassy but team members do not maudlin. While some members of the team continue to work Sapuangin marathon and tried to replace the front of the car with the aluminum. Potluck indeed, not streamlined and heavier weight of the original material is made from carbon fiber, but what may make, no wood rattan also useful, it will at least meet the technical criteria in order to be allowed to compete.

In the end, seeing the persistence of the team members are outstanding militants, the committee finally allow the team to take the parts that can still be reused, including the engine block which "Alhamdulillah" not burn. Direct team has been very, very tired actually, but is not perceived as a shadow for a chance to compete much more promising. Furthermore, only a few hours left to be examined by the Race Inspector of eligibility to qualify for the race car.

Of input pre inspection turns out there are parts that are still to be completed and there is also a section that is not yet functioning, including the wiper. Looking for some components are still lacking, especially in the land of the middle of nowhere really is a thing very draining team to the limit of patience they have. However, help is always just in time, an alumni of ITS machine domiciled in London and then just give help to address this, including giving new tires for cars "Sapuangin."

Finally a car that was built in just 2 days standing, compassion pushed all members of the team including the ITS and alumni of the academic community in the country as it continues to monitor the progress of each second to give moral and material support. However, feeling anxious still haunts Tim Sapuangin ITS. The big question is can this impromptu car passes inspection and was permitted to join the race? It was a very stressful moment ....

Time was running very slow when it comes to the car inspection pantia Sapuangin this new edition. Carefully one by one part of their check, observed and tested, while members of the team and hold my breath waiting quietly ... Alhamdulillah 2 sticker attached to the car body means pass the test.
At time of writing this tribute, in Queen Park London, car Sapuangin pride Arek-Arek ITS are already running around the circuit with a savings rate of 183 km / l. The record own still below the 225 km / l. But the data is still quite chalenging to be a champion. May the team stay focused and stay humble tawadhu alias, because everything that happens just because of the permission and His will. Join continued struggles with prayer, and the best prayer is prayer ibu..seperti slogan plastered on the windshield of a car dashboard your Sapuangin.
Congratulations your fight already a national hero!

With Prays and courage.
JH - Rector of ITS

Destination of life

What is the meaning of your life?. The purpose in life seems to be directly correlated with the achievement of a life far we have traveled. Minimal people who daydream about the purpose of his life , he certainly has the passion.
But when one is not dreaming, had never even made ​​a post about his plan, we can be sure he will be tossed around to follow friends , neighborhood or even another person. Such as drift wood in the river, flowing without know he will get caught in the whirlpool that never arrive at the mouth of the true life. The purpose of life is something that is very large and is a lifetime commitment.
But this life purpose can be set or defined ( Goal Setting ) piecemeal achievements. Minimal with consistently dreamed a dream written or made​​, is a good step to keep it running with a full rhythm of life follow the road map agreed to in the beginning ( wishful thinking ) consistently.
Goal setting small overshoots that we definitely will be heading to the big goal . If this objective nature, meaning only to seek bless him and want to return to Him one day , then surely we would have had to follow his instructions .
The question is how we can know that it is the purpose of our lives ?
First we must think of our creation, why we present in this earth. I 'll tell you up at the age of 30 years alone, the rest is my wishful thinking.
The following step by step in destination of life:
  1. Baby. 
  2. Over 9 years 
  3. Up to 30 years 
  4. Approach of death 
  5. Split 
All above will spend of the time, so let start slowly but sure. :)

Why time can not be played back

If time can be played back then, many people will be lazy, why?

unfortunately the reverse is our age, when we are born we can only laugh and cry.

teens and adults we can not do anything. touches of old age, we sometimes forget to remember sometimes, would leave the world we expect our children righteous pray for us and set old age as well as possible in order to enter heaven, but why yaa Rabb young I was often forgotten,

Astaghfirullah ... Convince me of something that is unlikely to be possible, in order to keep my mind constantly working to find ways to make it happen. Every day we get to choose whether we will enjoy life or to hate. Respect fully our self is the benefit of Life that will give the powerful spirit to face the world. Be Yours...  :)

Ways to maximize attractiveness

Ways to maximize attractiveness. Certainly it has a personality every human being. I, you, as well as anyone. Personal Presence It is expected to win by many people. The absence of escape. The question is, what is the special qualities in Humans. May the people of the wonder and amazement?
And ... Do you?

Some people just may think beautiful, in physical, smart, or rich
has the charm? Not really so!

Any person has the potential to who
a man with charm high and
be expected. Including me!
Charms can be Planted by positive energy generated
How do I create a positive aura of me to create benefits for

Here are 7 way to maximize the type of fascination:

Continues to perform well without think!
Doing good is in the written
Courts in the sand and gravel
every mistake. In other words, forget all the good by you to another, not necessarily
the calculation. Attitudes like this
Train and Sincerity in
you is a general feeling of satisfaction
the truth.

we must in more modest
But many moderate for others. A Further Case
with Those Who Are arrogant, humble development of liver
Tolerance and the value in height.

Humility and peace with others and
each other. Believe in yourself
own, and create a desire for
always wanted to prove to the public in other side.

Observe and vice versa.
Keep nature and pure. Be yourself by Itself. An Appeal
does not have to be someone else.
As more value of us have always wanted
conduct on the other side.

All the advantages. What did you say to yourself
about life and by yourself
yes, from day to day, the effect so tough.

Over time, see yourself as a person of interest.
I always felt That many is in the mind.

By Itself, the "natural" dress
All Things That are Important
increase of the feelings and views of who we are.

As someone who was always cheerful, full of
Expectations, and banned the World

Happy Face

Healthy laugh. Your  face always cheerful.

When We smile, the brain reacts
Produce and endorphins (natural substances
pain). Regardless of can a smile to ourself and
the other. A smile also spread
The Enthusiasm of others.

Stress in mind, as you are with others, smiling
The distance instantly decrease between people to reduced
the other side.

Enthusiasm and passion

Two of the mothers leads to success. The spirit and Enthusiasm
Money can bring power and
influence. Great Things will not be Able to
achieved without Enthusiasm.

Always confident in what we do to work. Whether all the works of you with love. Put the spirit
in the person of you, the which
the creation of something very special  Friends.


Behavior, courtesy and good
other people can believe
Good manners are dass
others feel comfortable with us.

Manners are a source of pleasure,
Guarantees, and this Happens
respect, show
Other Oran.

Each we are must be honestly
You are knew that no matter the situation
and their positions. Treat everyone in a good attitude.

Well, what about you, it's easy, right? :-)

The Brain, Depression and Anxiety Control or Lose It

      The use of psychotropic drugs (antidepressants) for stress, depression and anxiety can cause more addictive drugs such as the brain loses the ability to produce their own serotonin. We all at some point in our lives is the phrase you use it or lose it. You can use the skills they have used for years, and found that partially or completely lost the ability altogether.

       The old adage, but it is true for our bodies the same way. Centuries ago, whilst poor health, our gall bladder has an important role in the fight against pathogens and food spoilage. Now, with proper cooking of foods, the gallbladder obsolete, unused, and deteriorated in size and function.

      The human body adapts very well and has the potential to adapt to our environment long enough. Modern times, especially since the Industrial Revolution is not something that the human body is capable of adapting themselves created. The requirements for a faster schedule and a state of being always in a hurry have destroyed the harmony of the body. Your body and your brain is programmed to operate at a faster rate than expected. We do not have time to relax properly and allow time to properly reflect the brain activity before the next began. To make matters worse, we have modern facilities and have less and less physically active.

      The brain of the wise is a super computer to control and regulate all aspects of our body. Our body is full of security programs, such as a computer. The presence or absence of a hormone in the brain are a few to enable or disable. What happens to your computer when the firewall is turned off? It is vulnerable to attack. The brain is different, has its own firewall, serotonin (natural gut). Serotonin levels in normal, creates a natural shield from falling apart and is produced during exercise. While we are with all modern amenities and is less active than we have trained our brains produce less serotonin.As we replace our serotonin, which, in fact, the construction of barriers to mental health / spiritual. These obstacles affect our ability to think clearly and the fear and doubt control our decisions and actions.The absence or low levels of serotonin have been disarmed our firewall that our brain is very susceptible to depression, stress and anxiety. To further complicate the problem started there, we as a society dependent on antidepressants to replace the role of inhibitors.

       As we gradually replace our pharmaceutical business serotonin to send the message to our brain that we send less and less about what the brain produces less. This leads us to require higher doses or stronger drugs to feel better.As the brain gradually stop the production of serotonin, and was replaced by drugs, there comes a time when the brain forgets how to make your own serotonin.We may have a point, where some say they do not need to do? We have food processors, so you do not need our gall bladder. We have the pharmaceutical companies, so you do not need to serotonin.

      Therapeutic levels of serotonin may be a carefully planned approach to fitness, such as war (Concern, adrenaline, relaxation) the method of construction of the Temple Gym therapeutic program can be reconstructed.

       The solution lies in our lifestyles. Exercise and physical activity to produce serotonin. Drugs for mood stabilization should be used only for a short time to avoid dependency. The use is to build during the exercise period of serotonin levels is ideal, but it must be stopped when the level of serotonin was to be therapeutic. This should be under the supervision of a physician are performed.