Unique or exciting new words or new year 2018 ahead that can be a prayer and the best motivation. Prayer and motivation to welcome 2018 can be tied to parents, brothers and friends does not have to meet directly but can be through writing words, in the form of positive words such as prayer and hope.
New year 2018 falls on Monday, January 01, 2018. At night the date of December 31, 2017 there are usually fireworks that have been prepared around the world including in Indonesia to welcome the new year 2018. And speech prayers and motivation then burst on social media.

Exciting quotes to say in the 2018 new year
People will be happy to enliven the new year, if they do not want to go out they can watch TV or internet. Even prayer and motivation they can show on Facebook, Instagram, WhatApps (WA) and BBM. "Hopefully in 2017 be a lesson for all of us and welcome the New Year 2018 with a New Spirit for the better" That's one of the utterances delivered.
To celebrate new year 2018 there are those who spend their time at home (sleeping or watching television), hanging out with friends in one neighborhood, going to the nearest town or even taking a vacation to a particular place by hiring a hotel with family. To welcome the new year everyone uses their own way.

The examples of prayer and motivation to overcome new year 2018
"Every event in our everyday life so has its own meaning, morning bringing despair. Daytime brings confidence, as well as meaningful night dreaming, my prayer and motivation come tou you. Hopefully everything we have in this new year, Happy New Year 2018 "
"Day to day keeps changing, week to week keeps rolling, month to month is still turning, as 2017 is changing into new year 2018. Let us celebrate this new year with new life leading to a positive and progressive life, happy new year 2018 all friends ".
"A lot of sweet and bitter memories of this year, may be a motivation in this new year. May we increase the value of our worship in the eyes of the Creator and our degree is increasingly elevated. Happy New Year 2018 "
"The sun is slipping behind the hill, hiding the past of life, putting out worn out sheets, facing the younger days, soon approaching. Welcome sms new year 2018, new hope and change of old stories will be changed to new. Hope and do the best climb from the softness of my heart to your friends who always encourage ".
"The spirit is self-made. Make the spirit as a whip that realizes failure is the most important part to success. For you friends who are unmarried hopefully mate for you guys. May we be more obedient to the command of religion ".
"In this new year I remind myself to always remember our togetherness prayer and motivation in yesterday and make togetherness this year the better and beautiful to be remembered in the next year. May our days get better with positive behavior always. "Beautiful twilight, send golden splinters, send a sign of greatness, power, and majesty of the Creator. Though it's just a glance, until it is denied by the night, a sign of tomorrow will come. My prayers and motivations are special from my heart to you. Happy New Year 2018. Good luck always "
Do not ever let your life be filled with sadness from now on free yourself from the sadness of your past, and start your life again. Prayer and motivation can convert the negative mindset to a positive mindset and start working with a heart that is roomy, sincere and peaceful so that all goes better and sadly it will automatically disappear.