There are many techniques that I have come across to do this. Some of the most practical are:

- Expose your mind to the right thingsUniversal Nod
- Watch the right movies.
- Listen to the right music.
- Read the right books.
- Associate with the right people.

Stay away from negative people – they will drain you of your energy and drag you down with them. Avoid them like the plague.

Thinking right is not a quick-fix process. You cannot change 20 year old habits in one week. You should not attempt to. It will frustrate you. Start slowly. Before long, it will become a habit to think right. Don’t get discouraged if you struggle a little with it. It takes time. It is a lifelong process. It is a way of life. It only ends when you die. Persevere.

Anything that is not in harmony with your dreams and desires – throw it out. Weed it out of your mind. Continually work at it and you will develop a beautiful mind. You will develop a mind that will deliver to you the power of positive thinking and all the lovely things that go with it.