What is the meaning of your life?. The purpose in life seems to be directly correlated with the achievement of a life far we have traveled. Minimal people who daydream about the purpose of his life , he certainly has the passion.
But when one is not dreaming, had never even made ​​a post about his plan, we can be sure he will be tossed around to follow friends , neighborhood or even another person. Such as drift wood in the river, flowing without know he will get caught in the whirlpool that never arrive at the mouth of the true life. The purpose of life is something that is very large and is a lifetime commitment.
But this life purpose can be set or defined ( Goal Setting ) piecemeal achievements. Minimal with consistently dreamed a dream written or made​​, is a good step to keep it running with a full rhythm of life follow the road map agreed to in the beginning ( wishful thinking ) consistently.
Goal setting small overshoots that we definitely will be heading to the big goal . If this objective nature, meaning only to seek bless him and want to return to Him one day , then surely we would have had to follow his instructions .
The question is how we can know that it is the purpose of our lives ?
First we must think of our creation, why we present in this earth. I 'll tell you up at the age of 30 years alone, the rest is my wishful thinking.
The following step by step in destination of life:
  1. Baby. 
  2. Over 9 years 
  3. Up to 30 years 
  4. Approach of death 
  5. Split 
All above will spend of the time, so let start slowly but sure. :)