From the firstime that I saw you, special moment wanna create for you.

Nice to see you all... :) Today is great moment to take some think that can be read and touch in your mind and heart instead. Here we can go out from our stress and hope to get something useful in the future. Leave comment to make all better than usually. Cheers BoomB..!!

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Somtime we need take a breath with the nature placed, into deep inside on our hearth we feel enjoy if was push slowly the breath..

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This mountain look so beautiful and rest peace if we know some little think about nature and appreciated by eyes down to your heart... feel the freedom.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Destination of life

What is the meaning of your life? The purpose in life seems to be directly correlated with the achievement of a life far we have traveled . Minimal people who daydream about the purpose of his life , he certainly has the passion . But when one is not dreaming, had never even made ​​a post about his plan , we can be sure he will be tossed around to follow friends , neighborhood or even another person . Such as drift wood in the river , flowing without know he will get caught in the whirlpool that never arrive at the mouth of the true life . The purpose of life is something that is very large and is a lifetime commitment . But this life purpose can be set or defined ( Goal Setting ) piecemeal achievements . Minimal with consistently dreamed a dream written or made ​​, is a good step to keep it running with a full rhythm of life follow the road map agreed to in the beginning ( wishful thinking ) consistently . Goal setting small overshoots that we definitely will be heading to the big goal . If this objective nature , meaning only to seek bless him and want to return to Him one day , then surely we would have had to follow his instructions . The question is how we can know that it is the purpose of our lives ? First we must think of our creation , why we present in this earth . I 'll tell you up at the age of 30 years alone, the rest is my wishful thinking . The following step by step in destination of life : 1 . Baby . 2 . Over 9 years 3 . Up to 30 years 4 . Approach of death 5 . Split . All above will spend of the time, so let start slowly but sure. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why time can not be played back

If time can be played back then, many people will be lazy, why?

unfortunately the reverse is our age, when we are born we can only laugh and cry.

teens and adults we can not do anything. touches of old age, we sometimes forget to remember sometimes, would leave the world we expect our children righteous pray for us and set old age as well as possible in order to enter heaven, but why yaa Rabb young I was often forgotten,

Astaghfirullah ... Convince me of something that is unlikely to be possible, in order to keep my mind constantly working to find ways to make it happen. Every day we get to choose whether we will enjoy life or to hate. Respect fully our self is the benefit of Life that will give the powerful spirit to face the world. Be Yours...  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ways to maximize attractiveness

Ways to maximize attractiveness. Certainly it has a personality
every human being. I, you, as well as anyone. Personal Presence
It is expected to win by many people. The absence of escape.

The question is, what is the special qualities
In Humans. May the people of the wonder and amazement?
And ... Do you?

Some people just may think beautiful, in physical, smart, or rich
has the charm? Not really so!

Any person has the potential to who
a man with charm high and
be expected. Including me!
Charms can be Planted by positive energy generated
How do I create a positive aura of me to create benefits for

Here are 7 way to maximize the type of fascination:

Continues to perform well without think!
Doing good is in the written
Courts in the sand and gravel
every mistake. In other words, forget all the good by you to another, not necessarily
the calculation. Attitudes like this
Train and Sincerity in
you is a general feeling of satisfaction
the truth.

we must in more modest
But many moderate for others. A Further Case
with Those Who Are arrogant, humble development of liver
Tolerance and the value in height.

Humility and peace with others and
each other. Believe in yourself
own, and create a desire for
always wanted to prove to the public in other side.

Observe and vice versa.
Keep nature and pure. Be yourself by Itself. An Appeal
does not have to be someone else.
As more value of us have always wanted
conduct on the other side.

All the advantages. What did you say to yourself
about life and by yourself
yes, from day to day, the effect so tough.

Over time, see yourself as a person of interest.
I always felt That many is in the mind.

By Itself, the "natural" dress
All Things That are Important
increase of the feelings and views of who we are.

As someone who was always cheerful, full of
Expectations, and banned the World

Happy Face

Healthy laugh. Your  face always cheerful.

When We smile, the brain reacts
Produce and endorphins (natural substances
pain). Regardless of can a smile to ourself and
the other. A smile also spread
The Enthusiasm of others.

Stress in mind, as you are with others, smiling
The distance instantly decrease between people to reduced
the other side.

Enthusiasm and passion

Two of the mothers leads to success. The spirit and Enthusiasm
Money can bring power and
influence. Great Things will not be Able to
achieved without Enthusiasm.

Always confident in what we do to work. Whether all the works of you with love. Put the spirit
in the person of you, the which
the creation of something very special  Friends.


Behavior, courtesy and good
other people can believe
Good manners are dass
others feel comfortable with us.

Manners are a source of pleasure,
Guarantees, and this Happens
respect, show
Other Oran.

Each we are must be honestly
You are knew that no matter the situation
and their positions. Treat everyone in a good attitude.

Well, what about you, it's easy, right? :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Brain, Depression and Anxiety Control or Lose It

      The use of psychotropic drugs (antidepressants) for stress, depression and anxiety can cause more addictive drugs such as the brain loses the ability to produce their own serotonin. We all at some point in our lives is the phrase you use it or lose it. You can use the skills they have used for years, and found that partially or completely lost the ability altogether.

       The old adage, but it is true for our bodies the same way. Centuries ago, whilst poor health, our gall bladder has an important role in the fight against pathogens and food spoilage. Now, with proper cooking of foods, the gallbladder obsolete, unused, and deteriorated in size and function.

      The human body adapts very well and has the potential to adapt to our environment long enough. Modern times, especially since the Industrial Revolution is not something that the human body is capable of adapting themselves created. The requirements for a faster schedule and a state of being always in a hurry have destroyed the harmony of the body. Your body and your brain is programmed to operate at a faster rate than expected. We do not have time to relax properly and allow time to properly reflect the brain activity before the next began. To make matters worse, we have modern facilities and have less and less physically active.

      The brain of the wise is a super computer to control and regulate all aspects of our body. Our body is full of security programs, such as a computer. The presence or absence of a hormone in the brain are a few to enable or disable. What happens to your computer when the firewall is turned off? It is vulnerable to attack. The brain is different, has its own firewall, serotonin (natural gut). Serotonin levels in normal, creates a natural shield from falling apart and is produced during exercise. While we are with all modern amenities and is less active than we have trained our brains produce less serotonin.As we replace our serotonin, which, in fact, the construction of barriers to mental health / spiritual. These obstacles affect our ability to think clearly and the fear and doubt control our decisions and actions.The absence or low levels of serotonin have been disarmed our firewall that our brain is very susceptible to depression, stress and anxiety. To further complicate the problem started there, we as a society dependent on antidepressants to replace the role of inhibitors.

       As we gradually replace our pharmaceutical business serotonin to send the message to our brain that we send less and less about what the brain produces less. This leads us to require higher doses or stronger drugs to feel better.As the brain gradually stop the production of serotonin, and was replaced by drugs, there comes a time when the brain forgets how to make your own serotonin.We may have a point, where some say they do not need to do? We have food processors, so you do not need our gall bladder. We have the pharmaceutical companies, so you do not need to serotonin.

      Therapeutic levels of serotonin may be a carefully planned approach to fitness, such as war (Concern, adrenaline, relaxation) the method of construction of the Temple Gym therapeutic program can be reconstructed.

       The solution lies in our lifestyles. Exercise and physical activity to produce serotonin. Drugs for mood stabilization should be used only for a short time to avoid dependency. The use is to build during the exercise period of serotonin levels is ideal, but it must be stopped when the level of serotonin was to be therapeutic. This should be under the supervision of a physician are performed.

What are people say about anxiety? To see the testimonial click this link

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The element 10 'Happy Without Conditions' 4. WHAT THE Thinker THINKS, THE PROVER PROVES


According to Robert Anton in the book "Prometheus Rising", the mind actually has 2
part; thinker / thinker and prover / proof. Very flexible thinker, able to think the earth is round or flat, rational man and the woman intuitive or otherwise, he might think the world is narrow or wide, the world is full of suffering or happiness, and so on.

This subject is "The lunch is not the meal and the map is not the
territorry ". Prover behavior is very simple: what is considered 'thinker' then it will
prove it. He will choose / search for data in your brain to support statement 'thinker'. If we think that poor people are lazy and stupid, then the 'prover' will look for evidence that supports the idea.

If we believe in ourselves silly, then the prover will provide evidence that the claim
'True' and reject the evidence that says otherwise, so if we assume
ourselves is brilliant. What the thinker thinks the prover proves.
It was easy to see this on others, eg: "John Doe's very confidence? Though he was
bla ... bla ... bla ... "(now you can understand why John Doe so - because the
prover in itself provide evidence to support) but it proved difficult to
realize the same thing myself, because you - so am I - believe that
indeed it is 'really true and factual'.
Actually, maybe it was just 'limiting belief' (confidence limit) because our was used.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why heart hard like a stone?

Why heart hard like a stone? Did you know why?
Heart is the source of reasoning, where the consideration, the growth of love and hate, faith and disbelief, repentance and stubborn, quiet and shock.Heart is also a source of happiness, if we are able to clean it up, but instead is a source of disaster if the stigmatization. Activity is highly dependent body straight crooked heart. "Heart is the king, while the limb was the army. If the king is good, then the army will be good too. If the king is bad, too bad it will be his army."
Signs of severity of heart, Hardened hearts have signs that can be recognized, among the signs are:
1. Lazy to Make obedience and Charity Kindness. Especially lazy to run religion, perhaps even despised,
2. Not Touched Al book.
3. Overuse World Loving and Forgetting Hereafter.
4. Less glorify the Creator, so lost a sense of jealousy in the heart, weakening the power of faith.
5. Heart aridity narrow chest, suffered shock, never felt the peace and quiet at all. Arid heart constantly and always upset over everything.
6. Chain Included disobedience phenomenon disobedience hard heart is the birth of a new consequence of disobedience that has been done before, so it becomes a vicious circle that is very difficult for someone to escape.
7. Often speak loud and harsh, so be careful with your speech, because the mouth is a mirror of your personal. (to be continued ...) :). Take a breath for a seconds to pump normally the blood.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How can a healthy diet while fasting?

Below is the tips for health fasting in Ramadhan,Eat anything that is prohibited except:

  1. Do not eat that contain viruses and bacteria diseases, such as the carrion bird flu
  2. Do not eat that contain elements toxic, such as that contained in the blood
  3. Do not eat the type of fat that is difficult to digestthe stomachfiltered hard hearts, and hard transported by thebloodlike in the pork
  4. Do not drink beverages that immediate damagecells brain, such as alcohol and other types of alcohol
  5. Do not inhale the smoke that damage the lungscontaminate the blood and reduce the supply of energy to brain, such as cigarette
  6. Balance portion of carbohydrates, fats andproteinsor follow the advice 4 healthy 5 perfect
  7. Do not eat more than the capacity of the stomach only 1-1.5 liters
  8. While the opening is recommended to drinkwater and juice fruit / dates and evening prayers, to clean up poison his deposition on the walls of the intestine.
  9. Dinner to taste after the evening prayers
  10. Eating healthy is by sitting position accompanied by a sense of gratitude. 
  11. Pray beforeand after meals.
We hope that all our worship acceptable to God Almighty, Amiiin...

Friday, March 25, 2011

The meaning of a word

Firstly I'm Sory deeply do .... Dear All of Us,

As usual every evening after meeting initial entry is always a time I open the email for factory before starting the move. And I accidentally read a simple article which makes quite cringe when reading it later ashamed of myself ... An article that will reveal the meaning of a simple word with the meaning of extraordinary ... 
Check This Out ... 
March 14, 2011 at 12:02 

Frankly, one word that really make the soul sick after arriving in Japan two years ago was: GAMBARU aka struggle to the death. Really fed up, I swear, because every time guidance as a professor, he will always use the closing words: motto gambattekudasai (let's fight over again), taihen dakedo, isshoni gambarimashoo (I know it's hard, but let's fight together), motto motto kenkyuu shitekudasai (Come on over and over again buatpenelitian). Until I feel like talking, what no other vocabulary than GAMBARU? Then what, is important not gambaru.
Gambaru was not just fighting mediocre or lazy that if there are many obstacles, yahhh I've done ... stop it. According to Japanese dictionary hell, gambaru it means: "doko made mo shite nintai doryoku Suru" (Last up everywhere as well and tried it out) Gambaru itself, composed of two characters ie characters "hard" and "tightening". So the image that can be obtained from the alloy of this character is "whatever it would sesusah problems faced, hard and we must continue to tighten ourselves, so that we can triumph over matter " (Meaning do not be spoiled, but atidakp all it is a fairness issue in life, his name alive emang basically hard, so do not ngarep easy, a matter of life can only be faced with gambaru, period.). Frankly, my two years in Japan, two years I also do not understand, why these Japanese people make gambaru as his philosophy.
Even 3 year olds like Joanna had been told to gambaru at his school, like wearing winter clothes in a thin layer should not let the spoiled against cold weather, in the schools should not wear socks because when your feet hit the floor directly was good for health, sick if only a runny nose or fever 37 dersajat unnecessary skipping school, still encouraged in from morning till evening, with reason, the child will be strong to face the disease if he fought the disease itself.
Consequently, if the ramp while riding a bicycle ride on a bicycle Joanna, and I'm tired, Joanna automatic way: Mama, gambare! Faitoooo Mama! (Mama let's fight, mama let's fight!).Just do not spoiled the same problem deh, gambaru until the death it's a must!

I actually just started a little to understand why this is important gambaru once in life, is following the tsunami and earthquakes with the power of 9.0 in eastern Japan. I know, natural disasters like the tsunami in Indonesia Aceh, Nias and surrounding areas, an earthquake in the wilderness, Mount Merapi eruption also .... it is not easy to faced.
But, the tsunami and earthquake in japan this time, far worse than all that.In fact, this is an earthquake and tsunami worst and largest in the world. Naturally, once when then Japanese government and society panic confusion because of this disaster. Naturally, once when they later began to feel upset, cry, do not know what to do.
Even for a disaster on this scale, it could be "forgiven" if the TV stations put a little background music ebiet style songs and create video clips that contain the crying child country faces-filled disaster victims heartache and hopeless blank stares. what does not, the tsunami and this earthquake is really sweeping out the entire lives they have. It is natural that then they have no hope.
But what happens after this terrible disaster? From the first day of the disaster, I nyetel TV and waiting for the songs ebiet style played on TV stations. Nyari-nyari also where the wallet account of natural disasters. Video clips of children crying country also I've been waiting for. Three elements of it (ala ebiet song, disaster wallet accounts, video clips crying child country), the same was not broadcast on TV.

So that is going on then? This is what I see broadcast on TV JAPAN station:
 1. Warning the government for every citizen to remain vigilant 
 2. Urge the government to all citizens of Japanese shoulder to shoulder to face the disaster (including a request to save electricity for citizens of Tokyo and the Tohoku region not long exposed to lights off) 
 3. An apology from the government because it had to do a planned power cut 
 4. These tips deal with natural disasters 
 5. Call center phone number of natural disasters can be contacted 24 hours 
 6. Shipping SAR teams from each prefecture to the areas affected 
 7. Portrait of citizens and government work together to save the residents affected by disasters (Spry oath once, lives in Japan is really worth very much). 
 8. Encouragement from the government that was delivered with calm and unemotional style: let's fight 
 9. same face of disaster, let's face (government official said norikoeru use, which if translated literally: to climb and pass) with all my heart
 10. Portrait of the citizens affected by the disaster, the mutual encouragement: "There are nyari his wife, yet ketemu2, his face was troubled at all, but remain calm and not emotional, encouraged nenek2 existing refugee place: gambatte sagasoo! mitsukaru kitto kara.Akiramenai de (let's go find a wife struggling you. Surely met. Do not give up). "

The writing on twitter: this greatest earthquake in history. Therefore, we must give the greatest effort and love to be able to pass through this disaster; Dark once in Sendai, and then there was one bright spot visible star. That's a very beautiful star. Residents Sendai, look up.
As an Indonesian who had never seen a la gambaru way disaster like this, I really feel embarrassed and at the same time: once the same admiration and respect of citizens and the Japanese government. This country extraordinary country that once limited natural resource, natural country hard, but could go beyond strong as usual and have a mental bsaja, because: its philosophy gambaru it. You could say, Japanese people are not have nothing but GAMBARU. And, gambaru was more than enough to deal with all problems in life.
absolutely right, we must pray, we must surrender to the Lord. Only, mental nothing "blame" God, This says all his will, God was angry with His people, God was angry over then ask the natural grass who sway ..... ohh my God.
I guarantee you 100 percent, as long as this mentality that dwells within us, until the end though, I think our nation will not be able to move forward. if traced further, often "blame" God for all disasters and problems of life, is actually another word for not dare to be responsible for a given life The owner of Life. If clarified again, not daring to charge the point: running from the problem, do not want face the problem, playing one to blame, do not want to fight and new obstacles have been met little spoiled cry.
About a year ago, there are relatives who question, to what I was studying in Japan. Why to Japan, it is useless, if you want to S2 or S3 house, yes in Europe or America and gentlemen, if the Japanese so big. So said he. 

She thought it would also words, yes, yes, if you want to go international ya supposed to America or Europe and gentlemen, instead of this japanese. Yet equally asia, also a small country and if the Japanese can not, will not be able to survive in here. As was sorry too, why I studied Japanese literature and not literature english or western literature other.
But now, I can say with confidence the same family who claim there is no point in me demanded science japan. His statement is completely false. Mental gambaru holding it the most is Japan. And make a mental gambaru as way of life is more valuable than go international and the like that. True, Japanese literature, gender and the like, can be learned anywhere. But the fighting spirit and mental still fighting it out let there is no way, I think, one ideal place to understand all of it is in Japanese. And I am grateful to be here, right now.
So, starting today, if I hear the word gambaru, whether on campus, in malls, on TV commercials, in supermarkets, joanna school or wherever, I will no longer feel sick of body and soul.
Instead, I would humbly say: Indonesia jin ni watashi no gambaru no seishin to imi wo oshietekudasatte, kokoro kara Kansha itashimasu. Nihon jin no minasan no yoo ni, gambaru seishin wo mi ni tsukeraremasu yoo ni, Hibi gambatteikitai to omoimasu. (I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having teach the meaning and mental gambaru for me, an Indonesian. I will fight every day, for mental gambaru pervasive in me, like you all, the people of Japan).

By Esther Pasaribu Rouli

Hopefully Helpful Guys. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Universal nod

Humans are similar to the metal (in nature). Therefore, the best among them during ignorance (dark ages) will be the best in Islam provided they come to a correct understanding of Islam.There are some unique examples of what constitutes universal nod:

1. When you're eating in a restaurant, suddenly there was a little girl, about 5 years standing right in front of you, staring at the food you eat with full hope. Conscience if that appears in your heart that day?
Ok, conscience that you feel it, would be the same is felt by all human beings on this earth. Is he a poor, rich, adherents of any religion, ethnic however named, will feel the same conscience when his soul is in nature.Answers to these questions is the inner voice that encourages you to "want to give" what you're eating!"Feel what is in your chest cavity" You are who touched his heart.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Which favors of your Lord will you deny what you

When the eye is inevitably ..At the moment this has been verbally insulted ..When the heart is full of pride ..At the moment this body full of pride ..

Fabi-ayyi aalaaaa-i rabbikumaa tukadzdzibaan "Which favors of your Lord will you deny what you?"(QS.55:13)

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