Love the title, hehehe. little bit about Love Title;
Love is located in the heart, although hidden, but the tremors are felt at all. He was able to affect the mind as well as controlling our actions so that we sometimes do the stupidest thing without us knowing it. Sex is easy, to be loved is indeed easy. But to be loved by the people we love that is difficult to obtain. have not you?, so many ... hehehe ..

Put it this way: Love the person is on the basis of who he is now and not who he was before.
Acts ago do not have to tilt again, would you really love him sincere heart.

Love is the ability, we will believe that love is just a capability, I think it does ... yaa ability to:
sharing, doing things we do not enjoy but fun for those who in love ato commonly called ("sacrifice") wow if this are legion, and of course all know though that understand it a little too hehehe,

forget. hell yes more cool-minded because I think sincerity is to give then forget about (other debts if his intention lho hehehe),

make things easy and happy despite the extent of feeling alone but could well feel most comfortable when "at least heard about it",

honest (this is a tough and sometimes painful, but I think better still honest krn green bean more easily accounted for world hereafter), and much deh ... sory my brain was not capable of writing a lot,
but the bottom line Love is a matter of ABILITY to make things better of course ...
my prayers ...
Yaa Allah .... 'Almighty ..
When I liked a friend
Remind me that there will be a final
So I stayed with that Never Ended

God .....
When I miss a lover
I miss that longing for love of your life
For my longing to you is increasingly becoming

God .......
If I want to love someone
Find me with people who love you
In order to grow strong my love of Thee

God ......
When I'm in love
Take care love
In order not to exceed my love of Thee

God ....
When I say I love of Thee
Let him say to that linked to you
So I do not fall in love with a not for

As a wise man utter
Loving someone is not what - what
Loved one is something
Loved by the person you love is very meaningful
But being loved by the Love is everything
God ... Everything ....

We are only the dot in the universe