Wherever we are, then that's where
The best place for us ..!

Not rarely people think and feel
that it is impossible for them to
be succeed.

Often we feel trapped
with the environment where we are.

For example those who live in the area
isolated, unhappy, and far to
received a touch of technology or
receive the latest information quickly.

Up to think, so hard
struggling and developing businesses.

Conversely, those living in the city
great to think how crowded world.
As soon as competition intensifies

Wherever located, elbow each other, mutual
rocking, kick each other. Until finally
decided, it was hard to be
the forefront.

In the fight everything was indeed
often do not fit our desires.
Either we feel the environment not
more friendly, and uncomfortable conditions.

When in fact, no matter where we are therein that is the best place for us.
Places where we live,
a place where we fight any we want.

Now, let us ponder for a moment ...

1. If we always just thought that
    somewhere else is better, then
    until when are we going to start fighting?

2. If we always wait
    coming in place of golden opportunity
    others, how much time
    wasted, simply to

3. If we always defer any
    we can do at our place
    are now, then how many
    the opportunity is wasted?

And many more things that need
us think ..!

Therefore, if only we would think
that this is our best place, then
we will have the awareness and ability
to make things
better, more valuable, and meaningful!

Dear All friends ...

We all have a golden opportunity for
be great & true anywhere ... origin,
As long as we want to fight!