Below is the tips for health fasting in Ramadhan,Eat anything that is prohibited except:

  1. Do not eat that contain viruses and bacteria diseases, such as the carrion bird flu
  2. Do not eat that contain elements toxic, such as that contained in the blood
  3. Do not eat the type of fat that is difficult to digestthe stomachfiltered hard hearts, and hard transported by thebloodlike in the pork
  4. Do not drink beverages that immediate damagecells brain, such as alcohol and other types of alcohol
  5. Do not inhale the smoke that damage the lungscontaminate the blood and reduce the supply of energy to brain, such as cigarette
  6. Balance portion of carbohydrates, fats andproteinsor follow the advice 4 healthy 5 perfect
  7. Do not eat more than the capacity of the stomach only 1-1.5 liters
  8. While the opening is recommended to drinkwater and juice fruit / dates and evening prayers, to clean up poison his deposition on the walls of the intestine.
  9. Dinner to taste after the evening prayers
  10. Eating healthy is by sitting position accompanied by a sense of gratitude. 
  11. Pray beforeand after meals.
We hope that all our worship acceptable to God Almighty, Amiiin...