Why heart hard like a stone? Did you know why?
Heart is the source of reasoning, where the consideration, the growth of love and hate, faith and disbelief, repentance and stubborn, quiet and shock.Heart is also a source of happiness, if we are able to clean it up, but instead is a source of disaster if the stigmatization. Activity is highly dependent body straight crooked heart. "Heart is the king, while the limb was the army. If the king is good, then the army will be good too. If the king is bad, too bad it will be his army."
Signs of severity of heart, Hardened hearts have signs that can be recognized, among the signs are:
1. Lazy to Make obedience and Charity Kindness. Especially lazy to run religion, perhaps even despised,
2. Not Touched Al book.
3. Overuse World Loving and Forgetting Hereafter.
4. Less glorify the Creator, so lost a sense of jealousy in the heart, weakening the power of faith.
5. Heart aridity narrow chest, suffered shock, never felt the peace and quiet at all. Arid heart constantly and always upset over everything.
6. Chain Included disobedience phenomenon disobedience hard heart is the birth of a new consequence of disobedience that has been done before, so it becomes a vicious circle that is very difficult for someone to escape.
7. Often speak loud and harsh, so be careful with your speech, because the mouth is a mirror of your personal. (to be continued ...) :). Take a breath for a seconds to pump normally the blood.