According to Robert Anton in the book "Prometheus Rising", the mind actually has 2
part; thinker / thinker and prover / proof. Very flexible thinker, able to think the earth is round or flat, rational man and the woman intuitive or otherwise, he might think the world is narrow or wide, the world is full of suffering or happiness, and so on.

This subject is "The lunch is not the meal and the map is not the
territorry ". Prover behavior is very simple: what is considered 'thinker' then it will
prove it. He will choose / search for data in your brain to support statement 'thinker'. If we think that poor people are lazy and stupid, then the 'prover' will look for evidence that supports the idea.

If we believe in ourselves silly, then the prover will provide evidence that the claim
'True' and reject the evidence that says otherwise, so if we assume
ourselves is brilliant. What the thinker thinks the prover proves.
It was easy to see this on others, eg: "John Doe's very confidence? Though he was
bla ... bla ... bla ... "(now you can understand why John Doe so - because the
prover in itself provide evidence to support) but it proved difficult to
realize the same thing myself, because you - so am I - believe that
indeed it is 'really true and factual'.
Actually, maybe it was just 'limiting belief' (confidence limit) because our was used.