The use of psychotropic drugs (antidepressants) for stress, depression and anxiety can cause more addictive drugs such as the brain loses the ability to produce their own serotonin. We all at some point in our lives is the phrase you use it or lose it. You can use the skills they have used for years, and found that partially or completely lost the ability altogether.

       The old adage, but it is true for our bodies the same way. Centuries ago, whilst poor health, our gall bladder has an important role in the fight against pathogens and food spoilage. Now, with proper cooking of foods, the gallbladder obsolete, unused, and deteriorated in size and function.

      The human body adapts very well and has the potential to adapt to our environment long enough. Modern times, especially since the Industrial Revolution is not something that the human body is capable of adapting themselves created. The requirements for a faster schedule and a state of being always in a hurry have destroyed the harmony of the body. Your body and your brain is programmed to operate at a faster rate than expected. We do not have time to relax properly and allow time to properly reflect the brain activity before the next began. To make matters worse, we have modern facilities and have less and less physically active.

      The brain of the wise is a super computer to control and regulate all aspects of our body. Our body is full of security programs, such as a computer. The presence or absence of a hormone in the brain are a few to enable or disable. What happens to your computer when the firewall is turned off? It is vulnerable to attack. The brain is different, has its own firewall, serotonin (natural gut). Serotonin levels in normal, creates a natural shield from falling apart and is produced during exercise. While we are with all modern amenities and is less active than we have trained our brains produce less serotonin.As we replace our serotonin, which, in fact, the construction of barriers to mental health / spiritual. These obstacles affect our ability to think clearly and the fear and doubt control our decisions and actions.The absence or low levels of serotonin have been disarmed our firewall that our brain is very susceptible to depression, stress and anxiety. To further complicate the problem started there, we as a society dependent on antidepressants to replace the role of inhibitors.

       As we gradually replace our pharmaceutical business serotonin to send the message to our brain that we send less and less about what the brain produces less. This leads us to require higher doses or stronger drugs to feel better.As the brain gradually stop the production of serotonin, and was replaced by drugs, there comes a time when the brain forgets how to make your own serotonin.We may have a point, where some say they do not need to do? We have food processors, so you do not need our gall bladder. We have the pharmaceutical companies, so you do not need to serotonin.

      Therapeutic levels of serotonin may be a carefully planned approach to fitness, such as war (Concern, adrenaline, relaxation) the method of construction of the Temple Gym therapeutic program can be reconstructed.

       The solution lies in our lifestyles. Exercise and physical activity to produce serotonin. Drugs for mood stabilization should be used only for a short time to avoid dependency. The use is to build during the exercise period of serotonin levels is ideal, but it must be stopped when the level of serotonin was to be therapeutic. This should be under the supervision of a physician are performed.