What is the rules to make your lack motivation to effort your focusing in goal:

1. Focusing Your Goal
Step by step write what it is you want doing this you are now focusing your thingking on a specified target. increase your spirit by what has been your write one by one to redefined what you want to records.

2. Explore Your Inspiration
Inspiration will be loose if you forget what has been you write, so by it make branch from what has been your write, develop it what should be done for short time and what should be done for a long time.

3. Finding the benefits
from each the branch you should finding what are you needed to make the next step will be help by it, it is not difficult if we has been done write in the text and can be remind you if you forget it

4. Publish Your Goal
Need to remember you must share what has been done. your goal is important for follow up what will you get in the next step, so not wrong because
In addition 'life sometimes gets in this rules' due to the chaos and this can distract you from your goals. Having others around to 'inquire' about your progress towards your goals 'remember' what you want to achieve and why.

5. Search any support
search any support those around you that are like minded. It can be a spectacular source of encouragement and help your minded to increase your knowledge when your motivation is being tested.

6. Be Simplicity and Realistic
Make your path as a simple as you can. One of the rules is being understand and accept that you will be set your next step but realize the benefits you stand to gain be target oriented from your objectives.

7. Follow the target orientation
Learning to accept that you will be set your next step and to be learned will help you to continue your efforts until you are successful. Keep trying or let it fail by giving up. remember that the goals you have set can not be met for whatever reason you Haven't failed but simply learned a valuable lesson.

We know that getting motivated to take the first step is the hardest think of accomplishing any task. The 7 rules we discussed above help you to more clearly define your goals and increase benefits while establishing a process that is simplicity realistic and manageable. By narrowing your focus you can make effective of your time and efforts while maintaining any objectives to successfully reach .