Einstein said that: "There are two ways to live your life, is lived with his miracles, or lived with the mediocre".

Nowadays many selogan issued by the topic as many people who drugged us: "Stop Dreaming Start Action." I say that the slogan was completely untrue.

Why? Let us imagine, everything that you're living now is not separated from the 'dream' or whether your dream a few years ago right?

History of transport aircraft that became a favorite when started from a dream into reality. Alfa Thomas Edison also found Bolam lights of a big dream he was to illuminate the world.

So we all must remain totally nurturing the dreams of us to make changes that help to discover the world of more advanced and useful for many people.

So are two ways to live this life and both are correct.

1. With the full magic because we totally surrender to the power of God the Almighty, and

2. With mediocre, because yaaa ... indeed this is how life is.

And everyone, if asked, they would likely choose the number one, because by nature (sacred) we are all creations of God Almighty for His denngan always close.

So, let us live this life full of magic, always thankful every what we get.