Sometime we wanna creat a simple of life, I have some idea that we can do it.

1. Avoid prejudice, due to poor prejudices will make us on a bad life as well. Mostly we follow mere allegations. All it nothing useless againts the truth.
2. Take a principle always to God the Most Eternal. Free yourself from the shackles experience thought, and think free of your mind.
3. Listen the your heart sounds, thinking circle, always hold the principle of " for God", before deciding the priority of interests. A principle will bear interest, and interest will determine the priorities for action. Often contributing to the sound of our hearts to give the information most important in determining priorities, but also the inner voice is often ignored by the lust for a moment or a particular interest in achieving short-term profits, which in fact result in long-term losses.
4. Look at all points of view based on conscience wisely. Check your mind if you compare or rate things do not look something because mind of you, but look at something because it is.
Remember that a problem can not be solved with a similar level of thinking that created, when the problem occurred.
5. Do not be shackled by the literature, Open and Opened your mind like empty glass that to be ready to be filled with something news.